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The Portfolio - Black - The Populess Company


Prairie Stack Coaster - The Populess Company


Anián MFG

Anián is a circular fashion company based on the West Coast of Canada. By giving new life to salvaged natural textiles, they can create in ways that have a positive impact on our shared planet. 

Anián transforms post-consumer textiles into beautiful and functional garments that are truly built to last.




Belts & Bourbon is a 2-3 hour monthly event hosted at The Populess Co. where we'll teach you how to craft your own custom Populess belt from start to finish while enjoying good food, company and bourbon based cocktails.


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The Keho and Lenny belts we craft are made only from 9-11oz Latigo leather. We intentionally chose this weight to increase the life and durability of our products. The belts will feel rigid to start but with wear will become soft and comfortable while maintaining the integrity of size and overall reliability.


The Wrist Strap - Brown - The Populess Company


Our camera straps are built to handle whatever your adventure can throw at it.

Full top grain leather, solid brass hardware and 110lb test paracord all to ensure security for your camera and style to match.



With the same quality that you've come to expect from our line of daily goods,
we bring you the Canine Collection.
Because if you deserve the best, your dog does too.
All of our products in the Canine Collection are made using premium full top grain leather cut from 9/10oz Latigo or Veg Tan and completed with 100% brass hardware.


A limited run of our top selling wallets in a unique 5.5oz Horween Avocado Green leather.
Lockup Coaster Set - The Populess Company


When you're spending time with friends and family, a beverage can be the perfect partner. Our leather goods aim to reflect time well spent, and through age our coasters and koozies will do just that.

Daneson Toothpicks

"At Daneson business is done the old fashioned way. Their toothpicks are the finest quality Northern White Birch prepared according to exacting recipes for dignified individuals."





To make goods from the best materials obtainable, and guaranteed every piece of merchandise. If he didn't stock an item a customer needed, he custom-made it for him. Filson's name became synonymous with reliability, satisfaction and honest values. By the 1960s, Filson's reputation as the premier outfitter for outdoorsmen had spread around the globe. In addition to being stocked by retailers of quality outdoor wear, Filson garments were being ordered by mail from places as far away as Greenland.

"The goods we quote must not be confounded with the cheap and vastly inferior grade with which the market is over-run. Such goods are not only useless for the purpose for which they are intended, but the person wearing them would be better off without them."


The Key Caddy - Natural - The Populess Company


All of our Key Fobs are crafted using 9-11oz Latigo leather, the same leather we use to make our timeless belts. We intentionally chose thicker leather than most companies to extend the life of our products and have them looking good well into their expected old age.


Freenote creates quality menswear manufactured in the United States. They source the finest materials and demand the highest level of craftsmanship. Their inspiration comes from authentic American culture, its timeless style icons, and their own personal experiences growing up throughout the US of A.

Every stitch, rivet and ounce of cloth in a Freenote garment is meticulously considered. They believe the hardware used on a pair of denim is of equal importance to the fabric itself. Thus, their sourcing experience is planned and detailed, searching for what they consider to be the best of the best. Their goal is to create quality clothing that is built to last, aging as well as the man wearing them.

Fulton & Roark

Fulton & Roark got their start by shaking up the fragrance industry — they took all of the artistry and ingredients of the finest traditional spray colognes, and reimagined them in a sleek, modern, travel-friendly format. Since 2013, their award-winning solid colognes have given our customers a sense of personal style and atmosphere that travels anywhere they do. For them, smelling great during and after a grooming routine makes the whole process more enjoyable, and they are all about capturing the perfect fragrance design for every moment. 





Freenote - Riders Jacket Waxed Canvas Taupe - The Populess Company


Jaxon Howell x Populess

Jaxon Howell has always had a love of art, an eye for detail and a passion for true craftsmanship. As fine woodworker for over a decade, Jaxon’s flair for beautiful details, crisp lines and contemporary designs have become a trademark of his finely crafted hats.

He believes that hats are an extension of one’s personality. Adventurer, rebel, artist, icon – just like you, every hat is 100% unique and made to measure. No two hats are ever made the same.

Using sustainably sourced felts, hand-woven Ecuadorian straws and carefully chosen fabrics, Jaxon thoughtfully sews, shapes and styles each hat by hand in Vancouver. 

Here is our collaboration with our good friend Jaxon Howell. 

Kershaw Knives

Kershaw was founded in 1974 to design and manufacture tools that knife users would be proud to own, carry, and use. This has meant that every Kershaw knife must be of the highest quality. Whether it’s a hardworking pocketknife, a hunting knife, or a special collectors’ edition, Kershaw always chooses appropriate, high-quality materials and is dedicated to intensive craftsmanship. Along with extremely tight tolerances and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, this ensures that Kershaw knives provide a lifetime of performance.
The Keypr - The Populess Company


The Sheath - Brown - The Populess Company


From their factory in Portland, Oregon, Leatherman is committed to bringing you the best multipurpose products to help you solve expected and unexpected problems in everyday life. Their journey started over 37 years ago with the world’s first pliers-based multi-tool built by it's founder, Tim Leatherman.


Red Wing Heritage creates lifestyle footwear and leather goods with an enduring commitment to American craftsmanship. Their boots and shoes are made for modern men and women with over a century of archival inspiration stitched into each pair.

Today, Heritage continues to build on Red Wing Shoe Company’s storied legacy with traditional construction and timeless design. The result is footwear that is crafted with pride to create quality that lasts.


Naked & Famous is not a normal denim company and never will be.

Instead of relying on celebrity endorsements and expensive ad campaigns, Naked & Famous devotes all of their resources to sourcing the world’s best fabric and turning it into awesome jeans. No advertising, no washes, no pre-distressing, no nonsense. Just excellent denim at a reasonable price.

All of their products are proudly cut, made and sewn in Canada. Always have been, always will be.

New Arrivals

Otter Wax

"Quality can't be rushed or outsourced. Our line of all-natural Fabric Care, Leather Care, and Apothecary products, are formulated and hand-made right here in Portland, Oregon. Right down to the recyclable packaging, our products are simple and natural. We do not use any animal fats, fillers, petroleum distillates, mineral oil or chemical preservatives. At Otter Wax, we believe that labeling a product as "all-natural" should not be used as a marketing tool, but rather as a way of demonstrating our commitment to making products that are pure, honest, (and most importantly) effective. We believe that Mother Nature has given us all the tools we need to create products for everyday life. We use natural ingredients that come from sustainably harvested sources and offer the least amount of environmental impact. Otter Wax products are made from natural plant-based ingredients and humanely harvested beeswax and lanolin without sacrificing effectiveness. We’ve always been passionately against animal testing. We never have, and never will use animals to test our products. We only use suppliers that match our environmental values. We are always working to redefine and strengthen our relationships with suppliers and engaging ongoing dialogue. In a nutshell, Otter Wax requires each of its suppliers to meet the highest industry standards. In addition to rigorous quality assurance, suppliers must be committed, as we are, to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility. We stay pretty busy around here, but that doesn’t mean we rush it. All of our products are made and packaged by hand, with many steps taken along the way to ensure that we’re delivering the highest quality products to our customers." - Otter Wax

Wild Rose Pin - The Populess Company




Proudly cut, sewn, printed and conceived entirely on Canadian soil. We wanted to put our best foot forward with this collection, so we focused on the details and put forth a line of heavyweight apparel that does not compromise.