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Naked & Famous

N&F - Ken Shoryuken Selvedge


The Street Fighter™ 2 x Naked & Famous Denim: Ken Shoryuken Selvedge denim jeans are made using custom developed 12.5oz Japanese stretch selvedge denim to represent the persona of Ken. The fabric is woven using uneven slub yarns, and creates bumpy surface texture representative of the Ken’s rugged toughness. Stretch was added for increased comfort and mobility. Inside the jeans, the interior weft yarns are dyed red symbolizing Ken’s iconic red karate uniform.  Ken’s Hadoken fireball icon is embroidered on the back pocket. At the cuffs and coin pocket is a flaming Shoryuken dragon punch colored red and yellow selvedge edge. A natural vegetable tan leather patch is sewn on the backside of the jeans and features a highly detailed embossed illustration of Ken performing a Tatsumaki Senpukyaku hurricane kick in red foil. Hidden inside the jeans are red pocket bags screen-printed with a portrait of Ken. Included with each pair is a lenticular pocket flasher featuring in game footage of Ken performing his iconic flaming Shoryuken dragon punch. 

The jeans are made in Canada from denim that was woven on old-fashioned shuttle looms in the Okayama prefecture of Japan.  The yarns are dyed with indigo in a special process called rope dying.  In this process, only the outermost layers of the cotton yarn absorb indigo dye, leaving the core of the yarn white.  With prolonged wear, this unique fabric will gradually shed layers of indigo and slowly reveal a beautifully and uniquely faded pair of jeans.

The Naked & Famous Denim "Weird Guy" is a standard tapered fit, comfortable from waist to hip and tapered from the knee to hem. Medium rise.

  • Weight: 12.5oz
  • 98% Cotton / 2% PU
  • Japanese fabric
  • Made in Canada
  • SKU : KEN604203