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The Populess Co.

Jaxon Howell x Populess - The Bedford - Natural


Simplicity and functionality. Its time your old wallet went on a diet; holds up to 6-7 cards. What else do you really need? 

Your genuine leather will feel stiff at first but will adapt individually to its contents with use. Wallets: Introduce the card(s) by inserting into the card slot(s) and allow the leather to stretch 2-3 days. Repeat this process to accommodate more cards as needed.

Jaxon Howell has always had a love of art, an eye for detail and a passion for true craftsmanship. As fine woodworker for over a decade, Jaxon’s flair for beautiful details, crisp lines and contemporary designs have become a trademark of his finely crafted hats.

He believes that hats are an extension of one’s personality. Adventurer, rebel, artist, icon – just like you, every hat is 100% unique and made to measure. No two hats are ever made the same.

Using sustainably sourced felts, hand-woven Ecuadorian straws and carefully chosen fabrics, Jaxon thoughtfully sews, shapes and styles each hat by hand in Vancouver and ships his one-of-a-kind pieces worldwide.