NYC x Bruisma

Family member Roger Bruinsma recently did a trip to the Big Apple to relish some down time to eat some food, see some sites, watch some sports and take park in the annual Go Skateboarding Day New York style. Photos and words by Roger Bruinsma. 
I took part in Go Skateboarding Day in New York City last weekend. This is a photo skating across the Brooklyn Bridge.
Skateboard action from under an old bridge in New York City on Go Skateboarding Day. I had a great Cuban sandwich from a deli down the street and their coffee was just what I needed.
I ran into the Scottish pro skater John Rattray. A very nice fellow.
Steve Rodriquez from 5Boro Skateboards was the main dude of the whole day. He held a long jump contest and it went to 22 decks. He did it all, thanks Man.
It was hot out. I finally arrived at the Nike skatepark after crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. The park was busy, but I took care of a lil' business.
This woman is on the tv show "Good Morning America". She was really cool and came over and talked to us. I was impressed.
Dream come true to take in a ball game at Yankee Stadium. Baseball is a great game, and it was cool to see A-Rod hit a home run for his 3000th hit. Pretty good 'dog too.
Every street in New York City was of interest. It's tough to capture in photos, but I found myself taking a lot of pictures hoping to capture what I could....
The food in New York City is as good as people say. It was incredible and definately one of the highlights of the trip. Thanks Populess for helping make my travels an experience I'll never forget. Over and out, Roger Bruinsma...