Dispositioned Minds x Stevin Tuchiwsky

Stevin Tuchiwsky is a long time friend and ambassador of The Populess Co. He is a freelance photographer with prairie roots and a drive for the mountains. Specifically the Canadian Rockies. Growing up in the Southern Alberta Stevin spent many weekends in the southern part of the Rockies skiing, biking, camping, hiking, and snowmobiling. Photography was a very natural transition as he was constantly surrounding himself in some of the most astonishing landscapes in the world. Specializing in adventure sports and landscapes and his knowledge of the backcountry Stevin has been able to take his photography to places we can only dream about. Taking breath taking photos of athletes and friends and capturing how beautiful his corner of the world is. Stevin's photos has been featured in various publications across Canada.
Keep your eyes peeled for a recent project we did with Stevin and our friends form Federal Moto. It has been so inspiring watching Stevin's photos evolved to what it has become today and see his passions and hard work fall in place. To see more of Stevin's photos spend some time HERE. We are inspired by what you do and look forward to being blown away by your photos everyday. We are very grateful to work with such talented individuals. Thanks for all the support over the years and look forward to working together more in future projects thanks!