Clo Customs

            I recently did a trip up North and caught up with a close friend of the Populess family. Kyle Closen (Clo Customs)  has a small custom leather shop in Vacancy Hall. A Pop-up artisan space in the basement of the Mercer Building located in the downtown district of Edmonton. A century old building hosts Edmonton's most vibrant tech and design community, cafes, restaurants, and a long list of other services. I was completely blown away by the space. A perfect place to be surrounded by such talents and like minded individuals on regular basis. It will be for sure my one stop shop for Edmonton. Brilliant cafe, (Transcend) amazing food (Rostizado) and rad place to let loose if need be. (Mercer Tavern)
              Kyle's creative endeavours has always been an inspiration for us. A welder by trade, Kyle's metals creations using scrap metals to create functional furniture and now to his leather work has always been refreshing to see. And don't be fooled by the gnarly beard and biker persona, Kyle has always been one of the most friendly humble individuals I have ever met. I highly recommend if your ever in the Edmonton area you need to check out Vacancy Hall and say hello to our friend Kyle I promise you will come as a stranger and leave as a friend, thats just the kind of guy Kyle is.
Instagram: 306clo
photos: Brad Gadd