Wolfy Dave Interview


For the people out there who don't know you, tell us your name, where you currently reside and what you do?

My name is Dave Wolfy and I am a freelance abstract painter who currently resides in Fremantle, Western Australia.


What current project/projects are you working on?

 I just finished hanging a solo gallery in Perth city. I was also part of a group street art show called Alter Ego. This one was pretty fun as me and some amazing Perth artists got to transform an old building that is being demolished.


What inspired you to get into creating art?

 I am hugely inspired by city scapes, skateboarding, travel, graffiti and architecture. All this brought me to art.


What influence did the "skate" world have on your art if any? 

 I suppose that a lot of my friends who skate are also fellow artists. I skate the city and find inspiration in skate spots. Also things like the old Vision skate graphics have always been an influence.


Why do you do art?

 I enjoy it. I can lose myself in a painting for a bit and forget about any stress and just be creative.



I remember seeing your art on random scrap pieces of wood, cardboard, metals, "trash" etc. Is this still a theme of your works? Is their a favourite type of medium you prefer working with/on? 

Definitely. I love building things and working on recycled materials. Wood is my favourite medium to work with. I feel like I’m creating an artwork within an artwork as the frames and structures are all hand-crafted.


On a weekly basis how are often are you skating?

I try getting out a few times a week, but the body is slowly getting old. 


Can you define the term "SNAGGA"?

A snagga is an Australian term for a sausage. I.e. I love cooking a snagga on the barbeque.


One word to describe Scott Davis?



When we first met, you and your Lady where globetrotting. Do you have a favourite place that you would love to go back travel to and why? Also is there a place have you have not travelled to that you want to see and why?

We still try to get away as much as we can. We would love to get back to NYC. That place is just amazing! Of course we would also love to pop in and see all the gang in Deathbridge Hellberta. I would really like to head out to New Zealand. I have heard nothing but good things about it and apparently it has a great art culture. I recently got granted Italian citizenship so I might go pick some grapes and drink wine in the near future. 


Future plans?

Paint more, exhibit more, get back to Lethbridge. Wear a popluess t shirt when you finally send me one! ahha


Anyone you would like to thank?

My wife, populess and good weather*


Dave has been a good friend of the Populess family. It is a honour knowing and working with such awesome individuals on a regular basis and Dave is one of those like minded individuals we love to jive with. To see more of Wolfy Dave's works check out: