Red Engine x Populess Co-Lab

Did a fun project with our good friends from Red Engine Coffee Roasters. We love working with creative passionate individuals and companies that are excited about what they do on a regular basis. Red Engine's focus is getting high end unique single origin coffee that is traceable to the producer and roast it to its best profile. Being coffee nuts ourselves it only made sense to make these fun gift packs for the holiday season. What we did is hand make Up-Cycled Bags using coffee burlap sacks and our Populess threads to make 2 bags. A small hand bag with leather detailing and Roll Up Tool Kit. Both of which comes with the finest Red Engine Coffee and other Populess treats. Sold exclusively at one of our fine retailers Boarderline. Each bag is unique from each other and not one is identical. If you guys enjoy great coffee spend some time at to find out where you are able to purchase your next brilliant cup of joe.